Festivus for the Rest of Us

Festivus is a secular holiday held on December 23rd that is a different way to celebrate the holiday season by not participating in all of its pressures or commercialism. The holiday’s celebration includes an unadorned aluminum Festivus pole, airing one’s grievances by telling each person all the ways they have disappointed you or the past year, the Feats of Strength that involves wresting the head of the household to the floor and labeling what most would see as easily explainable events as Festivus miracles.

Our friend Jon and Traci held a Festivus party and many grievances were aired by all while sitting around their fake fire. Many drinks were also had, which is not part of Festivus, but Jon decided that he had a grievance with anyone who was going to follow that tradition and not drink. Drew was the only one man enough to face Jon in the Feats of Strength, but was taken out by Jon when he cheated by grabbing the Festivus pole to beat Drew down to the ground. We think that a blood covered Festivus pole is an adorned Festivus pole. Wouldn’t you agree?

Jon and Traci's tree was so pretty!

Tree and Festivus pole. heh heh

Not much to that pole is there?

Cute cocktail napkins.

Jon made up some great Sangria with Tequila to help us all open up to airing our grievances.

Jon and Traci are so cute together!

Traci had a grievance with some of the words Justin was using that night.

Greg certainly doesn't look ready to jump into the Feats of Strength.

Since Jon was not taken down to the floor, due to cheating, the holiday has not officially ended.

Drew had another idea for what to do with that pole...

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