Dressing Room

On the ground level of Knotty Cakes Ranch there are three bedrooms. Of course, two of those stayed as bedrooms, but we toyed around with what to do with the third one. The sensible idea was to have it be a guest room. But, we didn’t feel like we would have enough guests to designate a whole room to someone maybe staying over at some time. We also thought about using it as an office, but there’s a room in the basement better suited for that task. Of course, the next sensible idea was to turn it into a dressing room! Yes, you read the right. A dressing room!

We are both big lovers of fashion and between the two of us we have a large collection of clothing, accessories and shoes. We also lucked out one morning at the Rebuilding Center and picked up a vintage three piece dresser set even though we knew we didn’t have room for it in our bedroom. It was one of those deals you couldn’t pass up or else you know you are going to be kicking yourself for years later.

Right before we moved into the condo, we also picked up a vintage bamboo vanity. It sat in storage the whole time we were at the condo and we had no idea where we were going to put it once we moved into the house. Really a dressing room made a lot of sense for us and created a space for all of this great vintage furniture that we owned.

Drew painted the walls, hung drapes and put up shelves, while I cleaned and refinished all of the furniture. Together we put everything into its new places and loved the way it all unfolded. Let us know when you want to come over and see it. Maybe we can play dress up while you are there

Lining up shoes before putting in the shoe racks. The small dresser in one of the three found at the Re-Building Center.

Shoes racks in! Large dresser from the set found at Re-Building Center.

All of those flower hair clips finally have a home inside the thinner drawer of the large dresser.

Vintage bamboo dressing vanity.

Can you tell this is the man's part of the dressing room? Medium dresser is from the three piece set found at the Re-Building Center.

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