Frigidaire Flair Custom Deluxe

Recently Drew drove up to Seattle and picked us up a free Frigidaire Flair Custom Deluxe. It was actually the day after we got back from Tiki Road Trip Take 2. I have to say, he's pretty awesome for doing that. The stove has been sitting out on our back patio ever since. However, yesterday I started cleaning it.

What a mess! There was so much grease and grime build up that it really took some old fashion elbow work to make some real progress on it. I opened it up to get under the glass in all the corners. Getting the grease off us lead to a couple mishaps. First, it removed the temperature markings from the burner's control panel. Second, it removed some of the background silver paint on the back of the glass control panel.

Now I know I can fix the silver paint. There are actually a few other parts that could use a little paint, too. The knobs and the clock are both missing a little. Touching up all of the paint won't be a problem. But, finding new burner control panels may be a bit of a problem.

I did a little research on-line and found they came off due to them being silk screened on and the years of grease build up unfortunately deteriorated the markings. I also found a scanned copy of the owner's manual and that I can no longer get that part anymore. There are many other parts still available, which is good, but the burner control panels are not one of them. In order to replace them I will have to find them used or find somewhere that can re-silk screen them for us. Anyone have any ideas or know of any where I can go for either of these?

Anyone know where I can get some more of these or a place that will silk screen the markings back on for me?

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