Formica for Christmas

What do we want for Christmas? Formica! Sadly, the vintage Formica in our kitchen had been damaged pretty badly. You can see marks where someone placed hot pots or pans on the counter, other places someone used it for a cutting board, a pink Kool-Aid looking stain and damage from water getting underneath it around the sink. As a result, it must be replaced.

Last month I found out that the Formica, Aqua Boomerang, we wanted to replace it with is being discontinued in January. We weren’t planning on replacing it until later next year, but with it being discontinued we’ve been forced to move the replacement date up. Not the best time of year to make a large home purchase with Christmas coming up and making payments on something to be announced at a later date.

This is also the time of year we start getting asked what we want for Christmas. It’s the Formica. Really! We need enough to do the whole kitchen, plus an extra sheet, just in case since it is being discontinued. We can get the Formica at Home Depot so you don’t have to worry about ordering it for us. Instead, Home Depot gift cards we can put towards the purchase of our Formica would be great. We promise to invite you over for a cocktail to see it once it’s all put in.

Aqua Boomerang Formica

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