Tiki Kon 2010 Day 3

The last day of Tiki Kon is the day of the famous home tiki bar tour! It is a day not to be missed. We started out with a huge brunch at The Alibi followed be a sneak peak of Elroy Art's Atomic Tiki art show. Then we slowly worked our way through three of Portland's fabulous home tiki bars.

We rode over to The Alibi with out great tiki neighbors, Justin and Greg.

Three good-looking tiki men in front of The Alibi.

One of our favorite lamps at The Alibi.

Everyone filled up on the buffet to lay a good foundation before the home tiki bar tour.

Sneaky tiki baby!

Finally on the bus!

Liza's flowers match her dress perfect!

Lining up to get into Elroy Art's Atomic Tiki.

Dana serving up drinks and showing off the dress she got from Justin.

All the art in the exhibit was amazing!

Always love the velvet paintings.

AceyTiki and Tiki Kupcake.

Love this art!

Artist, Rob Kramer.

Dawn Frasier's art is always wonderful.

Bar is open!

Liking what's behind the bar.

AceyTiki and I made ourselves comfortable.

An oil lamp is great. An oil lamp with menehunies is even better!

Drew checking out the mugs Joe had for sale.

It was nice to get out and enjoy some fresh air.

Jennifer and Kimmy

Upstairs from the Sandy Bottom. Blair, Joe, and Joe enjoying some tidbits.

Everyone ran for the great food Marci and Austin made for us.

Justin was already packed for Tiki Oasis.

Drew and Jennifer

AceyTiki couldn't have it much better!

Nothing hotter than three redheads.

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