Tiki Kon 2010 Day 2

Night two of Tiki Kon was even better then the first night. We started off with a little pre-party at Thatch Tiki Bar and then headed over for the main event at Tony Starlight's. Sneaky Tiki and the Lava Orchestra played some great exotica music while everyone mingled, tried more new tiki drinks, limboed, danced some more, participated in a little fashion show, fought over raffle prizes and so much more. It was lots of fun. If you haven't been to Tiki Kon, you better make sure you are there next year!

Drew lifts off!

Aloha, Justin and Greg!

Liza and John.

Dana and Joe.

Kupcake and AceyTiki.

Welcome to Tiki Kon at Tony Starlight's!

Love this picture. Need some of these large parasols.

If you haven't tried Trader Tiki's syrups, you should! Notice the mug we won later in the night in the background!

Sneaky Tiki and the Lava Lounge Orchestra.

Get your raffle tickets!

What you do like better? The drink or the hot guy?

John's got lots of love to go around!

Our table at Tony Starlight's. But, where's Traci? She's there, just hiding.

Heather didn't want anyone to think she was playing favorites and asked to see our ticket.

We won this great tiki mug!

Then Joe and Dana won Trader Tiki syrups! Lucky!

Love Kristen's dress! And hair!

How low can Justin go?!

Liza and Kimmy doing the twist!

Talking about our tiki fashions.

It's the hair that really makes this picture.

A great last picture for a great night.

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