3 years!

We celebrate two anniversaries. The day we met- March 17th and the day we decided to give being a couple a try- July 7th. It's been three years now, so I guess this being a couple thing is working for us. Like the previous two years, we celebrated our third anniversary of being together at the beach house. We had a very nice, much needed, relaxing week. To top it all off, the weather was perfect!

Drew trying to get some driftwood for a project we are working on at the house. Maybe this piece is too big.

Saturday night we went out to San Dune for some small town fun and live music.

We got in a little dancing at San Dune.

Interesting sand formation we found out on our walk on Sunday morning.

Sunday we walked out to the rocky end of the beach.

I found a fishing float on the beach, but Drew got it free from the rocks. You will have to wait for the unveiling of our home tiki bar to see the float.

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