The Colors are Picked!

After much debate, we finally got the colors for the outside of our house picked out!

We had darker colors in mind, but the first place we went to tried to talk us out of it saying we couldn't paint our house in dark or bright colors and we had to either do earth tones or pastels. Blah! So not the direction we wanted to go! I was so annoyed that I knew we had to take our business somewhere else.

I also knew it was time to do a bit more research into the colors we were wanting. Very quickly, I found that in Mid Century design, black, red, and white were considered the primary colors. Exactly the same colors we were wanting to repaint the house. With this information I knew we had made the best choice on the colors for the house and there was no way I was budging on the colors we wanted.

Strapped with this new information, Drew went off to find another paint place that wasn't going to tell us no. He found that place at Portland Paint & Supply co. They helped him get the right kind of paint, matched our color samples, gave us a discount, and threw in some free supplies on top of it. Drew was very happy with the service he received and would recommend the place to others.

I'm just happy we have the paint for the our house!

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