Blues Festival 2010

This was mine and Drew's fourth year going to the Blues Festival together. It's where we first met after Drew and I decided to give being a couple a try. I guess it worked out for us and as a result, we've continued to go to the Blues Festival every year.

As we were walking over to the line, I said to Drew that next year I would like to get tickets for the Blues Cruise. I though it would be fun to enjoy a few hours on the Portland Spirit while listening to some Blues and enjoying some sunshine. A few minutes later, some guy walked up to us and asked us if we wanted two free tickets to the Blues Cruise that was leaving in half an hour. Of course, we took the tickets!

Waiting for the boat to push off.

Sure were a lot of people at the Blues Festival that day.

Heading up stream. Or maybe it was down.

A lady bug landed in the flower in my hair.

Drew loves Dave's Killer Bread.

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