What Do We Need?

With moving into our new house, we've been having people ask us what we need for the house. Well, most of what we need is more larger ticket items. For example, instillation for the attic, a new fence and to paint the house. Due to this, we are mostly asking for gift cards for the house. We know it's not very fun, but it is actually what we need to help us get closer to being able to purchase the things that cost a bit more.

I put together a wish list for the house in hopes of getting closer to some of these larger items and to also make it easier to know what it is we are needing. As things are purchased, I will edit the list and remove what is no longer needed. Like today, we picked up a weed whacker and a solar attic fan, so I took both of those items off the list. Of course, I had to put a couple items on the list that we really don't need, but it sure would be nice to have.

All of us really appreciate all of the help we receive with the house and reach the goals of purchasing some of those larger ticket items. With this being our first house, we had no idea how much it would really cost just to move in and to get all of the little stuff.

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