Wheels and Waves 2009

I'm a wee bit embarrassed that it's taken me this long to post pictures from our last time out at the beach house. I guess we really have been busy! Hopefully, with the colder weather returning there will be more time for keeping on top of new blog posts.

We had another great time at the beach house and wonderful weather on top of that. We had a walk on the beach, ate at our favorite places and attended the Wheels and Waves car show in Seaside.

Enjoying the sunshine during our walk along the beach.

Finally, we got a chance to sit at the table we love the most at Wanda's Cafe.

All this vehicle needs in a little thatch and bamboo and it'd be perfect to cruise around in with all our tiki loving friends.

Got wood?

Love all the vintage stickers.

I always find the tiki no matter where we are.

Love all the retro sodas and candy they have in Seaside.

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