Day 14 of Tiki Road Trip 2009

None of us were ready for our trip to come to an end. All of us wanted to stay in So Cal longer and continue our great tiki road trip. Alas, many good things must come to an end.

We had one more day in Sonoma County before we headed home. We stocked up on alcohol for tiki drinks since alcohol is so much cheaper in California than Oregon and we could get types not available to us in Oregon. We had a nice lunch at Sushi Hana, some ice cream at Screaming Mimi's, and then we were back on the road.

This time we went home via 101 to see some of the crazy roadside attractions. Unfortunately, we got off to a late start and missed more than one that we would have liked to see. We did get to visit the Drive-Thru Tree and see the outsides of the world's famous tree house and Confusion Hill. Maybe next time we will get to go inside.

Once we were home we spent the day be the pool since we weren't ready to let go of our vacation and our night going through all of our tiki goodies. We all loved everyone we met, the places we went to, and the experiences we had. We can't wait to go back. Maybe it will even be with a moving van...

Having lunch at Sushi Hana.

The car barely fit.

Please, can this vacation not end?

Do you think we got enough?

I should have picked up one or two more mugs.

My prized Heather Watts velvet painting. Can't wait to add this to the home tiki bar!

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