Coon Tiki

As we were packing up Drew's car to hit the tiki road for our road trip, I noticed that the three baby raccoon triplets and their mother were trying to climb into the neighbor's through the kitchen window. The neighbors seem to leave their windows up a lot and for some reason have taken off all of the screens. Of course, I go in and grab my camera to take pictures instead of letting the neighbors know about the raccoons. It was so funny watching them try to get in and the way they were helping each other. I have to say, I was completely rooting for them that they would get it in, but the neighbors finally heard the noise and chased them off while Drew and I ran upstairs laughing.

Maybe they could have got in if they could have tried it one at a time.

Mama tries to help one of her babies into the window.

Maybe if I just stand on your head I can get in.

We need to pull this stupid thing out of the way. That's what's stopping us from getting in.

I'm just gonna chew on it and maybe that will make it go away.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

OMG!!! This is my favorite!!! I LOVE little coonbutts! Couldn't stop laughing imagining this taking place!


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