Bad Girls' Bus 2009 Recapulation

This year's bus was probably the longest ever starting at 4pm and going well past 3:30am. With an International theme, there were costumes from a hula girl to a witch doctor to a viking to an African tribal woman to many many more. Fun was had by all, but by about halfway through the night I realized that this may be my last bus. I'm getting too old to go for this long and this late anymore. I love my fellow bad girls, but maybe next year we could celebrate Angi by going to a spa instead.

We started off the night at The Alibi.

Nikki went all out transforming herself into an African Tribal woman.

Hula honey.

Angi and all the planners.

It's always a party on this bus.

Candace finally met up with us at Thatch.

The Bad Girls pretty much took Thatch over.

Hawaiian, Dutch, and Irish.

Dancing at Dirty.

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