Marquesan Baby Eater Mug Release Party

On Wednesday July 1st, Thatch Tiki Bar released their first custom tiki mug. The first of three in the Marquesan Baby Eater set. I of course, was the first one there. I have to say I was actually surprised that there was not a line waiting for Thatch to open. I know I've been waiting for what feels like forever for this mug to be released and thought others would be, too. I guess they all had to work and couldn't get off early or something.

Our friend, Bill, was the only one who showed up to wait with me before Thatch opened. Drew should have also been there during that time, but he was running late. We were the first ones inside and I grabbed my favorite table in front of the back tiki hut.

As I was getting a view of the new menu for the second time, Drew showed up. Him and Bill ordered the new mug with the cocktail made especially for it. I however, had to wait since I had to leave in about 15 minutes to be able to do my group for work. When I left, there was only one other couple who had come in and sat down at the bar. Later, I found out that Rum Balls from Tiki Central happened to be one of those tikiphiles.

Drew trying the new Baby Eater cocktail for the first time.

Bill is the proud owner of the new Marquesan Baby Eater mug.

I love my tiki man and the new mug!

When I returned about 2 hours later, Thatch was hopping. There was now a line out the door, which I scooted past, the place was packed, and Drew and Bill were no longer sitting at my table. As more of our friends had showed up to join in on the festivities and they took over three tables, the owner asked our party to move back to the private tiki hut.

Finally, I was able to order the Baby Eater cocktail and try it for myself. It had a bit of a bite thanks to the 151 base, but it went down nice and smooth. I was very happy with it and am sure I will be ordering it, again.

Drew had a bit too much drink and not enough to eat while I was gone.

Around 9 o'clock the owners of Thatch went around the bar picking out people for the Best Tiki Dressed contest. Liza and I were both selected from our group to be in it. There where three other party goers that were also selected to participate.

Liza and I just before the Best Tiki Dressed contest.

We were all asked to come to the front of the bar, show off our outfits, and describe what we were wearing. The judges then got together and made their decisions. Third place went to a tikiphile who had gone out and had the baby eater mug tattooed on his arm. Second place went to a couple in matching outs that looked like something out of an Austin Powers movie and were rewarded a vat of chocolate pudding. First place went to Kimmy Kupcakes! Yup, that's me! I was so happy to take home first place!

Receiving my prizes of a new baby eater mug and scorpion bowl for Best Tiki Dressed.

The winning tiki outfit: vintage dress from Hawaii, matching bamboo earrings, bracelets, and purse, tiki necklace, alligator shoes, and of course, a hibiscus flower in my hair.

It was great to see so many people show up for Thatch's party. I am always happy to see one of my favorite establishments doing so well. I hope the new mug brings them even more business and they will be around for years to come. Now when will the next mug be out?

Come get your mug before they are gone!


calihoney said...

You look so cute! I can see why you won the tiki contest!

kimmy kupcakes said...

Awww, thanks! I had a lot of fun that night.


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