Hawaii-A-Ween Recapulation

Drew, some of our friends, and I had a great time at Hawaii-A-Ween. It was fun seeing so many people we knew there. There were vendors, live music performed by the Verbtones, records spun, the Death Proof car, and so much more.

I was able to get a few more accessories for Tiki Oasis from some of the vendors and one even had one copy each of Intoxica and Taboo Table. The last two Beachbum Berry books we've been looking for and haven't been able to find. I quickly snatched both of those up.

After Hawaii-A-Ween we went over to Thatch for a bit to see our friend, Elicia who was visiting from Seattle. Almost every one we knew at the monster luau headed over to Thatch afterwards. All in all it was a wonderful night with friends!

I had a difficult time getting my hair to fit in the car.

Liza, Amanda, and I.

Liza and Shawn didn't plan it, but their Hawaiian shaved ice matched their outfits.

The Verbtones.

With the car from Death Proof.

Checking out the hearse car show.

Having drinks later at Thatch with Lucky, Elicia, Traci, and Liza. As well as many others not pictured.


Vintage Roadside said...

Your hair looked amazing!

kimmy kupcakes said...

Thanks, so much! That beehive was tons of fun!


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