AlexSandra's Vintage Emporium

Earlier today I went to AlexSandra's Vintage Emporium and found myself a great lace and chiffon nightgown for the after hours pajama party at Tiki Oasis. If you haven't been to AlexSandra's Vintage Emporium, you should go there as soon as possible. She has tons of vintage clothing, jewelry, shoes, purses, hats and so much more to choice from. Still need another dress or shirt for all of the great tiki events coming up? She has them.

In the years I have been shopping at AlexSandra's I have found some really great scores and she always has what I am looking for. She has dressed me for costume parties, tiki events and Viva Las Vegas. Whatever it is that your little heart desires, she will find it for you.

AlexSandra's Vintage Emporium is located at 6726 N Interstate Ave. Give AlexSandra a call for her latest hours. If you can't come in at that time, she is more than happy to figure out a time that works for both of you. 503.735.4420

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