Farewell Trader Vic's Las Vegas

The Trader Vic's in Las Vegas has sadly closed their doors. Even though this restaurant was more in tiki name then spirit, it is always sad to see a tiki establishment go. Maybe if they had followed the lead of the main trader himself, Vic, and focused more on a real tiki vibe instead of a Vegas vibe this restaurant and bar would have lasted longer.

Trader Vic's Las Vegas opened in Planet Hollywood's Miracle Mile in October of 2007. Unfortunately, it opened to poor reviews and was lacking in tiki luster. There were two large impressive tiki poles in the dining room and a few glass float balls hanging above the bar, but there was not the usual kitchy ambiance of other Trader Vic's. Simply, there was not enough hanging from the ceiling and two tikis doesn't even come close to cutting it. No matter how big they were.

Drew and I visited Trader Vic's in April of both 2008 and 2009. We enjoyed ourselves both times we were there, but there was more than one problem that occurred on each of our visits. The tiki truly was lacking, the drinks were a bit off, and the food was hit or miss. Regardless, of all of that we are both sad to see Trader Vic's Las Vegas close.

First visit to Trader Vic's Las Vegas was all about the drinks.

Enjoying a Trader Vic's Rum Keg.

Drew and I on the patio of Trader Vic's this past April for our second visit to Trader Vic's.

The patio may have been packed, but the dining room was sadly very empty.

Not even these large tikis could fill the emptiness of Trader Vic's dining room.

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