Drew's Stolen Car

The last day of our move on May 26th, Drew drove his Nissan over to his parent's house. Drew parked the car in front of his parent's and placed two for sale signs in the windows. About a week ago he started to get some unusual calls about his vehicle. Finally he got one call stating that the car looked abandoned and that the back windows were down. Drew called his mom to see about the windows being down on the car and she said to him that the car was no longer there and she figured he had come and got it. However, this was not the case and the car had actually been stolen. Drew called the guy back to ask him where he had seen the car parked. We went off to go find it based on the guy's terrible directions. Luckily, we did find it even though the directions were wrong and nothing had happened to the car. I think maybe it was just taken out for a test drive and they decided that they didn't want it. In case you are wondering, Drew is still selling the car. Anyone interested?

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